Words, Sounds and Inspirations of Warren C. Longmire

For the last four years….


For the last four years….

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Speakwright: SONNET ONE


Hey you I know you and I we feel real slow

it takes a couple years sometimes to unpack

something simple said over a beer in a bar

is that what you’re doing with your shoulders

pulled up sometimes everything just turning

over real slow when we’re walking to the bar?

Hey I know you and I we…

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12 months ago - 2


Let’s play dark and at noon.
Let’s play go-kart stick shift and butter churn.
Let’s play the peach juice dribble,
        the come hither bowling ball
        and the slow tug for organs almost hidden.

Let’s play jenga, battleship and chess.
Then, lets play chessboard that got boring and flipped,
        and suddenly all our pieces are scattered across the floor.

Let’s play couch, area rug and kitchen.

Let's play queen,
king, castle and pawn.

Let's play ms,
and mistress
and mister
and master.

Let's play toddler and teenager,
priest, ex-con and deathbed tomorrows.

Let's play harvest moon, public weed and park bench.
Let's play sugar crystal sand, boxer briefs and untied bikini bottoms.

Let's play the church silence,
        the frustrated neighbor
        and late night knock at the door.

        Who could that be?

Let's play sore and fresh and humid and cheap syrup on a saturday.

Let's play cave diving black of a iris is the only line left between naked and nude.
Let's play dolphin, mouse, monkey and dinosaur.

Let's play cumulous cloud and the smell of rain coming.

Let's play mouth and toe.
Let's play armpit and nose.
Let's play penis and pussy.
Let's play cock and cunt.

Let’s play the one where our parents don’t exist.
Let's play the one where that night never happened.
Let's play the one where every hurt can be healed from
and every encounter is as fresh as a just crowning birth. 

Let's play the one where I am never desperate,
        and you are never desperate,
        where I am never defined,
        and you are as exact as you feel like.

Where we are never in need
        but we are always in want.

Let's play the world where this is always fun.

Let's play the world where I am the ink dipped brush of a genius painter and you are the smirk of a blank canvas chased into flushed red, Chinese character and landscape.

Let's play the time you were a ripe orange squeezing with brow farrowed,
        tight and hunched like a jockey.

Let's play with all the monsters in the closet
        and all the toys under the bed. 

Let's play show and tell,
        demand and take,
        pray and plead
        and thank you, thank you 
        above all things

Let's play soon.